DevOps Licensing

Having best DevOps tool is crucial, hence we provide the most relevant solution for our customer’s business requirements. We have been working with some of the best business solutions for many years to get best for the business. Some of the best DevOps companies we partner with are Gitlab, Github.

check_circle Licensing assistance:

Today there are many open source tools for DevOps but most customers still prefer licensed version of these tools for security, operational efficiency and maintenance perspective. We help our customers in selecting best licensing plan considering their business need, team size and consumption requirements.

We also help in license procurement, renewals, and related activities. We not only assist to pick the right version but, also assist in the Installation, rollout, troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrades of these products.


DevOps has become a mainstream strategy among enterprises and startups seeking to gain business, technology and operational edge over their competition. DevOps Services works by engaging and aligning all participants in the software delivery lifecycle — development, IT operations and business teams — around a single, shared goal: continuous innovation, fueled by continuous delivery of products and services at the speed of business needs. At Enaxa Technology, we help our customers in their DevOps journey to enhance business value.

dynamic_feed Our services helps in following ways:
Need Analysis:

We first analyze your business goal and current environments. By understanding what works best for you, we provide you with a tailored solution as to what needs to be done. With our DevOps Automation services we can also help customers in the implementation phase.

Solution Building & Deployment:

We work closely together with developers and in-house architects to help guide customer team to successfully leverage the benefits of the DevOps and ensure your environment runs efficiently and effectively.

The combination of our experience in AWS/Azure, cloud development and integration technologies, mixed with our unique approach ensures you get a safer and better performing system with less down time and faster deployment of changes. Everything we do has one simple goal - provide real business benefit. This enables our customers to focus on what they do best, running their business without fear of failing systems.

We leverage industry standard practices, tools, resources and ecosystems to enable end to end DevOps Services for organizations, from emerging start-ups to established enterprises thus helping them improve the speed, accuracy and quality at each step of their product development and service delivery cycle.
What differentiates us is the skill of the people in our team, our processes and tools.


DevSecOps is an emerging but vital aspect of the digital transformation process. It provides security and safety across complete application development lifecycle to function it efficiently and flawlessly. In DevSecOps, security is built at every step and phase of product lifecycle, instead of being ‘bolted on’ at the end. Since DevOps focuses on agile production and deployment, security has to be implemented in a way that doesn’t deter or slow down the process.

At Enaxa, we work with our customers to understand the business needs and propose DevSecOps solutions to safeguard software lifecycle.

dynamic_feed Following four steps summarize DevSecOps neatly:

done_all Build Security into Software Requirements.
done_all Test Early, Often and Fast.
done_all Leverage Integrations to Make Application Security a Natural Part of the Lifecycle.
done_all Automate Security as Part of the Development and Testing Processes